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Public Health

Anyone working in the Public Health field spends much time responding to the question: What is public health? 


Public health is fluid and dynamic. It’s different every day. One of our challenges as multidisciplinary practitioners is to be responsive to those changes.


The scope of public health is not limited to a single infectious disease, but encompasses new ways of thinking about chronic disease, aging, prevention and integrative health. It expands to topics as diverse as the environment, gun violence, vulnerability and stress. Simply ensuring that people are not sick is not enough. Health is about quality of life including wellness, nutrition, mindfulness and more.


The UCI Program in Public Health is using our faculty expertise in social determinants to enhance the health and well-being of all populations, locally and globally, while battling the impacts of disease and disparities. We are training a pipeline of future leaders in health who will become a workforce that reflects our diverse society. 


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Public health is all around us. WE are public health, and we are looking forward to a brilliant future.


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