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Black Alumni Chapter

UCI is recognized by The New York Times as one of the top universities “doing the most for the American dream.” Many of our young Anteater dreams are dependent on scholarships and financial aid in order to complete their degree here at UCI. A gift from you today will make an IMPACT on a deserving scholar.


The UCI Black Alumni Chapter’s purpose is to promote mentoring between alumni and undergraduates, raise funds for scholarships for students and provide networking opportunities for alumni.

Please help make a young Anteaters dream of a world-class education come true and give today. It’s not how much you give – just THAT you give! Help us reach UCI's 1,000 alumni donor goal!

Let’s harness the power and strength of united alumni. Now is the time to gather your fellow Anteaters and spread the word to support resources and scholarships for deserving students.



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Donor Map
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 42
2 CO 1
2 FL 1
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Or you can contact us at james.yokelle@uci.edu.