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Graduate Division Dean's Excellence Fund


As you may already know, UC Irvine is a highly ranked, innovative and world-class research university. As a young and dynamic campus, we educate the most promising graduate students and prepare them as future leaders. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to aid our graduate students in conducting research that will surely positively impact our ever-changing world.


The UCI Graduate Division mission is to serve as a catalyst for a world-class graduate educational experience, to foster oversight and communication of institutional academic policies, and to provide resources and essential services to promote the diversity and success of the next generation of leaders.


At UC Irvine, the Graduate Division oversees all aspects of graduate student life, including admissions, academic progress and advocacy, fellowships, funding and financial support, equity and inclusion, employment and professional development. However, UCI does not have sufficient fellowship funds to fully support all students in every stage of their Ph.D. programs.


We are asking for your support to assist graduate students during the crucial, final stage of their doctoral education. The dissertation is the capstone of years of student research and innovation. Completing their degrees in a timely manner ensures that the student can quickly apply their knowledge to become a leader and innovator who benefits our State, nation, and beyond.


Completing the dissertation requires tremendous focus, time, and attention. Your financial support will free our students from the need for employment during the crucial dissertation period, allowing them to devote the significant amount time needed to complete their degrees.   


We appreciate your generosity - your gift today will make a difference now and for years to come!

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