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SAGE Scholars Program

The mission of the SAGE Scholars program is to strengthen the pipeline of talented and diverse students entering the workforce by supporting them in their undergraduate careers and providing them with the tools and training needed to excel in the workforce. The program provides undergraduates who have significant financial need with leadership training, career and graduate school planning, mentoring, community service engagement, and access to internship and scholarship opportunities.

While the program continues virtually this spring, the COVID-19 pandemic has created several new barriers for these students. The majority of our students have increased financial needs due to loss of on-campus housing, childcare or other staples in their life. Some have returned home to unstable living situations, while others are driving to local coffee shops to access free WIFI connections in the parking lot from their cars. Program staff are working tirelessly to seek social service resources for students, emergency funding for their personal needs, and modified trainings to meet the students where they currently are in this crisis.

Your support today will allow us to continue counseling and mentoring hours for students, provide resume and interview training, and develop and adjust workshops to address entering the workforce in a recession. We are actively working to ensure our SAGE Scholars graduate and enter the workforce with business acumen and confidence. Your support today will allow us to maintain the intensive level of programming helping our students thrive in this challenging economic climate.

A gift of any amount will make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support!


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