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Center For Student Wellness & Health Promotion

The UCI Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion strives to be a leader in collegiate health promotion by focusing on the unique and relevant health needs and concerns of UCI students to support their academic success.


We empower students to make informed decisions to support individual health and a healthy campus environment by providing comprehensive programs and coordinated services to:


  • Build awareness through assessment and goal-setting
  • Create balance by taking a wellness-based approach to health
  • Develop healthy and sustainable habits
  • Take pride in achieving your personal best
  • Inspire community by leading fellow Anteaters to be healthy



The mission of the Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion is upheld by utilizing our expertise in innovative and relevant programming to the UCI community.  The Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion (CSWHP) focuses on health topic areas not otherwise covered on our campus.  Our programs are unique and reach the students in the spaces where they are most comfortable, in order to tackle issues that can be sensitive in nature. Our programming is often facilitated in residence halls, student organizational meetings, classrooms and other safe spaces for students.  The Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion is the only department on campus that houses full time health education staff to focus on issues that are integral to college health, such as alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, wellness, nutrition, tobacco and mental health awareness.  Part of our mission is to empower our students to become leaders and advocates for health and wellness on their campus.



With stress, anxiety, sleep and other related mental health concerns being reported by students as some of the most common barriers to their academic success, the Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion makes a commitment to dedicate space for students to address these concerns.  Various relaxation and stress-reduction techniques are taught through our workshops and students can come to our Wellness Room to practice these techniques.  The Wellness Room is open every day from 8am-5pm for drop-in use and is a safe and comfortable environment to practice self-care and help reduce the various stressors they are experiencing.  The Wellness Room has two massage chairs yoga mats, pillows, art supplies, games, and a tea station.


UCI Student Wellness is also the only provider of free condoms, both male and female, dental dams and lube on the UCI campus.  The Condom Co-Op was founded in 2011-2012 and provides education and information about safe sex, as well as ensuring that cost and accessibility to condoms does not create barriers to practicing safer sex. Barrier methods are the only way to protect against STIs which are so common among youth ages 18-24.



Funds raised through our Giving Day campaign will support important programs, such as our Condom Co-Op, and will help ensure our programming is robust and relevant to students' needs by providing resources for educating our volunteers, student staff, and peers through training, workshops, and conferences.


Thank you for your support! Your gift to the Student Services Fund will contribute to the continued success of the Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion by ensuring we provide students with the access to resources they need. 

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