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Division of Career Pathways (DCP)


The UCI Division of Career Pathways hosts career fairs throughout the year. At each event, students connect with recruiters from a variety of industries for internships, part-time, and full-time career positions.  


Students who use our services and engage at these fairs share impactful stories about how interacting with employers directly shapes and improves their ability to communicate their experiences and skill sets. We see continued growth as employers recruit our students for meaningful, hands-on experiences and future jobs.  


Hosting career fairs extends opportunities for student to connect with recruiters from across the country to gain the necessary experience to jump-start their careers after graduation.


As a result of COVID-19, the Division of Career Pathways is unable to hold in person, large-scale career fairs for students and is pursing virtual options to ensure that all students continue to have access to job and internship opportunities.  With your assistance, we hope to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of hosting virtual fairs with a leading technology platform.  We love working with employers to connect them with UCI students and look forward to continuing to host these large-scale events in a virtual space.


Thank you for your support.


Student Testimonials: 

The STEM career fairs helped me tremendously. It provided me with necessary experience dealing with the nuances of how to interact with employers and how to interview in person. In addition, I secured an internship that I am incredibly thankful for. I effectively decided the trajectory of my professional life though these opportunities.  

Paramdeep Atwal, Class of 2020 


UCI Career Pathways provided me with so many opportunities to leverage myself and start my career after college! I have attended multiple job fairs on campus throughout the year and have not only been able to gain experience talking with professionals, but also land my first ever internship with Deloitte! If it wasn’t for the UCI Career Pathways and the variety of resources they provide to its students, I would not be in the position that I am currently in. I feel more prepared than ever and confident to be able to place myself in the real world and work in my desired career field.  

Maika Marin, Class of 2022 


I got my internship with Western Digital at the Winter 2019 Internship and Career Fair. The career fair allowed me to interact with employers from a multitude of backgrounds and show off my skills as an undergraduate engineer. This internship turned into a full-time position and will be the start of my career and it’s all thanks to the opportunities and fairs provided by the UCI Division of Career Pathways.  

Lucas Juttner, Class of 2020 

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