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Center for Investment and Wealth Management
Help Fill the Learning Gap – Support Financial Literacy

The Center for Investment and Wealth Management (CIWM) seeks to provide financial education for individuals across all socioeconomic backgrounds to:


  • Empower individuals at all stages of life to make smart decisions

  • Provide opportunities for students, the public and financial services professionals to enhance their financial knowledge

  • Connect the business community with the next generation of financial industry leaders for professional networking and mentorship opportunities


Our Vision: The Center for Investment and Wealth Management provides discussion, study, and application of financial education for all. The Center offers leadership and serves as a resource for financial education with goals for increasing financial literacy, minimizing financial instability for the benefit of society and training the next generation of financial industry leaders. 



As this unfortunate pandemic has shown, financial literacy education is more important than ever. Many people live paycheck to paycheck. Many people do not have a financial plan. Many people do not even have a bank account. CIWM’s mission is to provide financial literacy education to everyone in the community.


The most important piece of financial literacy for children is to show them the value of education. CIWM’s LIFEvest program focuses on potential first-generation students to encourage them to be the first in their families to go to college. Given the “Summer Learning Gap,” learning from home is likely to disproportionately negatively impact underserved students’ education, making this program more important than ever. 


Pacific Life LIFEvest Financial Literacy Program


Over the last 14 years, over 56,000 in our communities have been served. 


Another program that supports local youth with an on-campus experience and education in financial literacy is the CIWM’s “Investments, Financial Planning and You” for talented, proactive high school students driven to make financial excellence an integral part of their lives.


Advisory Board Member Glenn Hamburger with “Investments, Financial Planning and You” High School Students


"Investments, Financial Planning and You”


The Center puts on educational programs for the community 2-3 times a year. These programs are designed to have wide appeal and are free of charge.


Community Programs - The State of the Market


Distinguished Speakers Series with Dr. Henry Sameuli


The CIWM hopes to inspire all womxn to excel in personal money management and motivate them to not only develop financial literacy, but to grow comfortable in their command of money management. 



The CIWM empowers UCI undergraduate students to strengthen their financial knowledge – no matter the career or industry they are pursuing – with programs that support their professional goals. The Center also provides students with the knowledge, experiences and tools to wisely manage their personal finances.


The Center’s promotion of cashcourse.org financial literacy online courses, Bloomberg terminal training and active support of student organizations and programming that promotes financial literacy education creates hands-on opportunities for students to learn, teach, research and understand the complex, but rewarding areas of personal finance, investment and wealth management.


Net Impact’s Up To Us National Debt Awareness Competition


UCI First Generation Mixer

Cashcourse Financial Literacy Educational Workshop


Cashcourse Financial Literacy Education Promotion


Merage Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA) Business Fair

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