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UCI School of Humanities exemplifies our public university mission of offering opportunity to students of all backgrounds and opening up new worlds of experience and new career paths for them. Almost half of our students are first generation to attend college and more than one-third are underrepresented minority students. Two-thirds of our students are transfer students- considerably higher than the campus average - which means that we are offering a chance at a UC education and all that means to many high-achieving students who for reasons of economic, family, or other circumstances have begun their higher education journey in our community colleges.


Many of our students are in vulnerable circumstances even in ordinary time - working additional jobs, taking care of families. The pandemic has made things even more precarious for some of them. We’ve been grateful for the support we’ve received to lend these students a helping hand, to allow them to persist uninterrupted in their studies, and to keep their time at UCI what it should be—an opening of their minds and their life opportunities after graduation.


On Giving Day we seek to raise $15,000 for UCI Humanities students. With your support, we can provide our undergraduates with internships and research experiences to launch their careers. We can also provide graduate students with research funding during the summer, to help them conduct path-breaking research and help complete dissertations in a timely way. 


By giving now, you can ensure that each of our students has an outstanding educational experience in the School of Humanities at UCI. By assisting the next generation, you don’t just ‘do  good,’ you play a direct and fundamental role in the betterment of our communities, families and the future of our nation.  


Please consider a gift in support of UCI Humanities students. Join us in our mission to create a brilliant future for our students, our community, and the world. 





"The circumstances surrounding the global Covid-19 pandemic have affected everyone, and these effects have stalled research in many unforeseen ways. In particular, late-stage Ph.D. students have had to make hard decisions about their projects in order to finish their degrees on time. In my own case, I worried that I might not have been able to finish without taking on additional financial hardship. This fellowship provides much-needed relief for myself and my partner in this uncertain and difficult period, and offers the peace of mind that I will be able to finish my degree during the 2020-2021 year. The opportunity to dedicate time to research and writing will be invaluable. With the support provided by this award, I’ll be able to continue working and producing high-quality scholarship while also preparing manuscripts for submission and publication. I deeply appreciate the consideration and recognition, as well as the chance to complete the best possible version of my work.” -Scott A Streitfeld 


“Writing, I've discovered is mostly a thankless endeavor. So, when someone does decide to support my art, through publication or an award, it validates a lifetime of passion, study and hard work. Your award is not just a donation or a means for me to pay my bills. It means everything for me as a writer to be seen and heard. Writing is at its core, communication. So, I thank you so much for receiving my message and uplifting it with both your generosity and the prestige of your name. Thank you for supporting the arts and my poetry. It has offered an oasis of encouragement on my path and I will never forget it.” -Cassandra Dowd


“Support for a fledgling artist like myself can be so incredibly difficult to procure, but a writing practice is almost impossible to develop without financial support. Generosity like yours is what enables voices like mine, working class voices, immigrant voices– to develop and grow into the artistic forces that become significant in our literary world. For me personally, it means I can focus slightly less on how I’m going to pay my rent for the summer, when my teaching income dries up, and focus more on the craft of writing. It means I can concentrate on the thing that matters most to me and be less distracted by the proverbial grumbling stomach. In times like these especially, for obvious reasons, generosity like yours is essential for people like me to make it out of the cocoon stage of grad school. I thank you!” -Leandro C. Fefer  

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