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UCI’s Giving Day isn’t only about providing much-needed support for ICS undergraduate and graduate students and their amazing cutting-edge research, it’s also about investing in the future workforce. ICS is filled with entrepreneurs, innovators, future professors and researchers who are dedicated to making the world a better, safer place – just like you. These students have been through a lot over the last year, with the California Student Aid Commission finding that 70% of the state’s college students had lost some or all of their income as a result of the pandemic in 2020. During these tough times, ICS students rely more than ever on the generosity of donors like you. Whether you contribute to one of our named funds supporting a specific area close to you, or give to the ICS Dean’s Excellence Fund, which is a general student support fund that goes to those most in need, you will be making a significant impact on ICS and the lives of our students. More importantly, you will be investing in the future by allowing important research to continue in the areas of AI, bioinformatics, COVID, cybersecurity, data science and software engineering, to name just a few of the key research thrusts that have become the backbone of ICS. With your help, ICS students can and will remain at the forefront of computer science, informatics and statistics, ensuring no student is left behind. 

Hazel Crow Opportunity Fund for Women in Computing

The Hazel Crow Opportunity Fund was established to support students seeking to participate in events that inspire, support and connect students and organizations dedicated to the study of computer science, with priority given to the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.


Fund for Responsible Computing/Technology

We invite you to join ICS in creating an Accessible Design Studio, which will be one of the first community-focused design spaces created with and for those with disabilities, including students, study participants, community collaborators, and faculty members. The studio will serve as a living laboratory for both shaping the future of accessible technology design and making design accessible to all.  We envision students and community members collaboratively creating and exploring new prototypes together in this space. Prototypes will live in this space and evolve over time, and may involve mobile, tangible, desktop, and wearable components.

“All too often accessibility is an afterthought in design. By designing for accessibility from the ground up, our lab aims to create technologies that support people with disabilities in aspects of life—from educational opportunities to working on diverse teams in industry to managing parenting responsibilities. Our community-based approach also questions who is considered a designer and how we might shift power dynamics such that people with disabilities take ownership over the design process and lead innovation.” 

- Anne Marie Piper, Professor of Informatics


Dean's Excellence Fund 

Your gift to the ICS Dean’s Excellence Fund provides a flexible source of funds for high-need areas, including students committed to continuing their research, remote learning resources for undergraduate students challenged by their unprecedented learning situation, and infrastructural updates that will enable a safe return to campus when the time comes. Give today so that we may continue our service to science research and education.  


Julian Feldman Endowed Scholarship

80% of UCI undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, ICS is working harder than ever to provide the means to ensure the financial stability of our students. Your gift to Julian Feldman Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide vital resources to accomplish this goal for our students. Please consider giving today to support the next generation of computer scientists who seek to address the world’s most pressing concerns. With your donation today, we can unlock a generous donation from ICS alumnus, Jim Hobbs and his wife Monica.

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ICS 50 Gifts for $2,500 Challenge
Today, help us unlock a generous $2,500 gift from ICS alumnus Jim Hobbs and his wife Monica, by making one of the first 50 gifts to the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences!
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