School of Humanities

At the UCI School of Humanities, our mission is to teach the next generation to be critical thinkers and engaged global citizens who have an understanding of, and respect for, diverse people, perspectives and cultures. 


Our vision: an informed public, who can think critically, communicate effectively, with compassion, empathy and respect for all people. 


Our students are the foundation of this vision. They are the future scholars and professionals who will ensure humanity’s progress is the focus of scientific and technological discoveries; they are the future of ethical journalism; and they are the global leaders, lawyers and diplomats who will approach difference and complexity with an understanding of historical and cultural context and the skill of connection- and solution-building. As the world continues to be polarized, they are the future we need today.


 With your help, we can ensure that our students benefit from:

  • Scholarships and grants that reward merit and assist with financial need
  • Travel and conference grants that enable them to travel to share their research, network and establish important connections with their mentors and peers
  • Dissertation awards that alleviate the burden of working full-time while writing a dissertation
  • Support that pairs them with meaningful paid internships


All donations on Giving Day will be used for student support.


What your support enables:


"It’s been amazing to share my research with people who had never been interested in Antarctic history and watch them come away with a whole new appreciation. I am very grateful to the Henry Luce Foundation and private donors for this opportunity." 
- Daniella McCahey, Ph.D. candidate in history and Humanities Out There Public Fellow at the Bowers Museum


"Humanities Associates [award] has enabled me to focus my energy on my studies and on being actively engaged across UCI and the local community."
-  Aya Labanieh, undergraduate majoring in comparative literature, French and philosophy


“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue my studies with the fewest number of distractions; the support made it possible for me to pursue my growth as a writer, educator, and artist.” 
- Jaime Lalinde, MFA student in Creative Writing


"The Dorothy and Donald Strauss Endowed Dissertation Fellowship has given me time to write my dissertation and apply for tenure-track university positions, where I hope to continue my teaching and research in the public university system, working with students from underrepresented communities."
- James R. Goebel, Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature


“Experiences like attending Cornell’s summer institute allow graduate students to go beyond their home institutions and realize the potential intellectual work and practice that critical theory can effect within the academe and beyond it.”
- Linette Park, Ph.D. student in Culture & Theory, recipient of the Michael and Stacey Koehn Endowed Fellowship in Critical Theory, which enabled her travel to the Cornell Summer Institute

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