Making a Difference in Neurosurgery at UCI Health

The UCI Health neurosurgery team offers innovative and compassionate world-class treatment for patients with all types of neurological problems when surgery may be indicated. Our neurosurgeons provide consultation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with primary and metastatic brain tumors, vascular diseases, movement disorders, epilepsy, spinal problems, chronic pain and traumatic brain and spine injuries. Our highly skilled neurosurgeons have extensive experience in performing minimally invasive spinal surgery and microsurgery to treat brain tumors and intracranial aneurysms, as well as surgical treatments for stroke, epilepsy and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.


Leading the Way in Orange County - Our neurosurgery team uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat our patients, including BrainPath®, a game-changing device that enables our neurosurgeons to safely reach and extract tumors and blood clots from the deepest recesses of the brain. We also have a full-body portable CT scanner that is able to capture high-resolution, 3D images of the brain and spine in the operating room. Called the BodyTom®, this scanner provides the neurosurgery team with real-time updates, eliminating the need to move patients between the operating room and radiology suite, making surgeries safer. UCI Medical Center is home to Orange County's only Level I adult and Level II pediatric trauma center, a dedicated neurotrauma program, an interventional neuroradiologist on call 24/7, dedicated epilepsy surgeon and Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program.


You can join us in transforming lives and creating a healthier tomorrow. When you give to the Department of Neurosurgery you join a team dedicated to delivering world-class care.


Join Our Team - We are asking for support of the following Department of Neurosurgery Excellence Fund programs. Your generous support will allow us to provide these services.


- Integrative Healing Services Program - the Integrative Healing Services program is designed to provide patients individualized treatment plans for the management of post-surgery pain, depression, stress and discomfort.


- Patient Support - provides financial assistance to help cover the cost of transportation, medications and other diagnostic procedures, helping to ensure our patients have the best treatment options available.  


- Resident & Fellow Education Fund – supports the education and training of future neurosurgeons and leaders of the field.


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