The UCI Health Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center (PERC) is dedicated to unleashing the healing power of exercise. Our scientists believe that the health power of exercise exists at the most fundamental level of human biology – the genome – and how it is expressed. PERC is one of the few centers in the nation exploring the connection between exercise and the epigenome (the intermediary between genes and the environment causing changes in how genes are being expressed). We are making tremendous strides studying how children respond to exercise and translate that information to use Exercise as Medicine.


Our nationally renowned clinicians, exercise physiologists and researchers are driven to learn what type of exercise, how much and for how long, produce the most predictable, effective improvements in child and adolescent health. Exercise in children and adolescents influences health for the rest of their lives, and can help to prevent life-threatening adult diseases like atherosclerosis, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Our research is leading to life-changing therapies for children with asthma, cancer, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, obesity, autism and a host of other special needs. At any one time, the center is home to between 15 and 20 exercise studies.


You can play an integral role in helping the world understand that exercise is medicine. Your gift to PERC will help fund studies that reveal the science behind exercise — and how physical activity can make life better for our children. It could one day produce exercise prescriptions that optimize childhood growth and prevent adult diseases.


Together, we can make transformative therapies a reality for children — both in our community and around the world.

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