Division of Continuing Education
Division of Continuing Education

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Established in 1962, the UCI Division of Continuing Education has been offering education for adult learners in Orange County for over half a century. Today we maintain over 30,000 enrollments from students worldwide each year and offer hundreds of exciting courses and programs to local, regional and global constituencies.


UCI Division of Continuing Education offers over 60 convenient certificates and specialized studies programs designed for the working professional who seeks career advancement and personal enrichment. The

Division of Continuing Education has valuable resources for those trying to start a new career, build a company, or pursue personal growth.


With your help, we can provide our alumni with community building and networking events throughout Orange County and beyond! The Division of Continuing Education’s giving day fund will support a networking and professional development series for members of our UCI DCE Alumni Chapter.


Our Alumni Chapter is a group of active and engaged individuals who share a common bond – prior and/or current enrollment in UC Irvine’s robust continuing education program. Every person who has completed at least nine units through UCI Division of Continuing Education is eligible to join the Alumni Chapter at no cost.


Donors like you believe in lifelong learning and support the concept of a “60 year curriculum”. Please help our graduates achieve career advancement and meaningful personal growth by being one of the first 50 gifts made today! Our goal is to provide a $1000 gift to the DCE Alumni Chapter this Giving Day!


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UCI Division of Continuing Education

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