Program in Public Health

Pandemic Flu, Zika, natural disasters, hazardous chemicals, air pollution, climate change, opioid addiction, antimicrobial resistance, just to name a few..…these global risks threaten the health of local populations everywhere, including where we live. There is no better time than now to engage with the Program in Public Health at the University of California, Irvine, home to innovative research initiatives to better understand risks to health and improve strategies to prevent diseases in the community and around the world.


Your support will help us:

  •   Engage students in meaningful and productive excursions, inside the classroom, the laboratory, and the community leading to deeper understanding of the determinants of the quality of health in populations.
  •  Investigate the unknown and discover fundamental solutions to the grand challenges of public health.
  •  Translate population-based knowledge into preventative strategies for reducing society’s burden of human disease and disability through excellence in research, education, and public service.
  •  Make deliberate strides in eradicating or reducing many communicable diseases and improve quality of healthy life years.
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