Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about UCI Giving Day 2019.

What is Giving Day?

Giving Day is a 24-hour online giving campaign bringing the UCI community together to celebrate the Anteater spirit. This will be our university's third Giving Day!

When is Giving Day?

Giving Day is Wednesday, April 24, 2019. Gifts made through 11:59pm will count toward Giving Day.

What areas can I support?

You have the opportunity to support any particular area on campus that you choose. You will find the list of highlighted schools and units participating at the bottom of each page of the Giving Day website where we encourage you to choose your area of greatest passion and interest. If you do not see a specific fund you would like to support, you will have the option to enter your chosen designation.

Has this been done before?

Yes! We had our first successful Giving Day in 2017, which brought in $1,401,921 from 1,824 gifts. Last year's Giving Day was even more successful, resulting in $4,094,278 from 2,604 gifts!

How are gifts made?

Donors will make gifts through our special Giving Day website - The Giving Day website will track gifts in real time so that everyone can see the progress of giving for each of the schools and units and various projects as well as updates for matches and challenges throughout the 24-hour period. Gifts made by other methods on Giving Day (by phone or mail) will count toward the day's totals, but only gifts made online at count toward matching funds and challenges.

Can I make a gift by mail or by phone?

UCI's Giving Day is essentially an online campaign. However, you will have the option to:

1. Mail in your payment by April 24 using a special Giving Day pledge form. Please contact for a copy

2. Call our Giving Day hotline at (949) 824-6136 or

3. Text UCIGIVE19 to 41444

Is it safe to make a gift online?

Absolutely! UCI takes significant measures to ensure that all donor information is safe and secure.

Can I give more than one time or to more than one project?

Yes. Donors can support any campus fund they choose, whether or not it is one of the projects featured on the Giving Day website. You can visit our UCI Giving website at to learn more about all of the giving opportunities available to you at UCI.

Will my contribution be tax deductible?

The UC Irvine Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Your gift qualifies for tax deduction in accordance with IRS regulations during the calendar year that you make your gift. Consult your tax professional for more information.

What are direct "matches"?

Matches, created by donors, create an incentive for others to give. When someone makes a gift, the donor matches it 1:1 up to the stated amount. For example, when you make a gift of $100 to a project with a pledged match of $1,000, an additional $100 will go to the project. That 1:1 match continues until the full amount of the pledge has been reached.

What are "triggers"?

A "trigger" gift, also brought on by a UCI donor, is used when the Giving Day campaign or specific project reaches a specified amount of gifts, and the donor will donate a specified dollar amount.

What are "challenges"?

Challenges, also funded by donors, create fun competition between project teams. Challenges allow donors participating in Giving Day to unlock gifts based on a set of criteria. The project or school/unit that has the most unique donors in a specified time period is awarded bonus dollars. For example, the project with the most gifts from noon to 1pm might win a $1,000 bonus, or from 5 p.m. -7 p.m., a $2,000 bonus. Note: If one person makes multiple gifts to the same project during the specified time, it counts as one gift for the purposes of the challenge.

What is a Leaderboard?

Leaderboards will be visible on the Giving Day website during the 24-hour giving period, and they provide a way to build challenges around healthy competition between groups, schools and units during a set period of time.

Can I sponsor a match fund or challenge?

Yes! If you would like to sponsor a match or a challenge, we'd love to hear from you and work with you to make the match or challenge a success. Please contact Erika Jordan at (949) 824-9035 or

How do I spread the word?

Spreading the word about Giving Day is key in making the 24-hour campaign a success. Talk about Giving Day to your friends, colleagues and anyone you think may be interested in supporting the many exciting opportunities available at UCI. Reach out directly to prospective supporters on Giving Day. We highly encourage you to share early and often on social media leading up to Giving Day, and especially throughout the day. The more you share, the more people will be aware!

Becoming a Giving Day Ambassador is also a great way to get involved and help spread the word!

Who do I contact for other questions that were not answered on this page?

For any questions pertaining to Giving Day that you have not been able to find an answer to, please call (949) 824-6136 or e-mail

What if I'm from outside the US, can I still make a donation?

If you are an international donor who does not have a U.S. credit card and would like to make a donation from outside the U.S., please click the link to visit our international payment page.!/ 

Where does my contribution go?

The UC Irvine Foundation directs all gift exactly as the donor specifies. This campus depends on private support so that it can continue to deliver the local impact, national influence and global reach UC Irvine has achieved as the region’s leading research university.

Are gifts tax deductible?

The UC Irvine Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Your gift qualifies for tax-deduction in accordance with IRS regulations during the calendar year that you make your gift. Consult your tax professional for more information.

Will I get a receipt for tax purposes?

If your donation qualifies as a charitable contribution, a gift receipt for your financial records will be sent to you in the mail.

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