School of Biological Sciences

“Taking fast action when opportunities and needs arise is essential to making the world a better place through biology.” – Dean Frank M. LaFerla


Why should anyone who is not a scientist or a clinician care about the biological sciences? The UCI School of Biological Sciences would argue that there is nothing more important than the study of life. It is essential that all of us understand as much as we can about life and the living world, not only so we can be better informed about our own medical care, but to ensure that our children, grandchildren and generations beyond inherit a better world.


As the region’s only major scientific research and teaching institution, we have a responsibility to educate our community and to provide biological solutions to many of today’s greatest challenges. When you contribute to the Dean’s Excellence Fund, you enable us to respond rapidly to financial concerns that could be roadblocks to the School’s research and education missions.


Please consider making a gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund today. Your contribution to discovery and innovation will help change our world for the better. Donors of $100 or more will receive a pair of UCI BioSci branded socks!​

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