Undergraduate Scholarships


To raise support for undergraduate scholarships while highlighting the impact of financial support on students aspiring to attend UC Irvine and those currently pursuing degrees at UC Irvine.



  1. Assist with the University’s efforts in expanding access to higher education while helping to create a clear path to academic excellence.
  2. Address the financial challenges and difficulties that exist for many brilliant young people seeking opportunities in higher education.
  3. Create inviting financial aid and scholarship opportunities that assist UCI in yielding the most accomplished students while also closing the gap in the retention of first generation and low income students.



As a premier public institution for higher learning, UCI’s mission has always been to IMPROVE SOCIETY by fostering knowledge, provide WORLD-CLASS EDUCATON and to ADVANCE THE AMERICAN DREAM regardless of background. Your thoughtful and generous support will ignite LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITIES for some of our most gifted and talented students. TOGETHER, we can equip UCI students with tools that build on their continued, UNYIELDING dedication for success in higher education and in life.




  • Regents’ Scholarship: The Regents’ Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship UC Irvine offers to freshmen entering from high school. The Regents’ Scholarship is the most distinguished merit scholarship awarded by the University of California to highly selective outstanding students.
  • Unrestricted General Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund helps make a university education possible for UC Irvine’s prospective and current students by rewarding and fostering students who exhibit academic or creative excellence.
  • Financial Aid Scholarship: This scholarship helps make a university education possible for UC Irvine’s need-based students.


Interested in exploring other ways to support undergraduate scholarships? Check out the Giving Day campaign pages of these campus partners:







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