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Iranian American Alumni Chapter
It’s not how much you give – just THAT you give! Help us reach UCI's 1,000 alumni donor goal!

We are a newly formed chapter of the UCI Alumni Association looking to bring together Iranian American Alumni with each other as well as the university.  Our mission is to provide a platform upon which Iranian American Alumni can network and share their experiences, bringing together all past and recent graduates.  We look forward to having this body serve to foster mutually beneficial relationships between working alumni, faculty and students.


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Why join our chapter?

  • Show your Anteater pride!
  • Network with fellow alumni that share your common interests. 
  • Increase UCI awareness in your community. 



We've joined the challenge to see which chapter can get the most unique* alumni donors. The more alumni donors we get, the higher we climb on the leader board. It’s not how much you give – just THAT you give!


Get 10 alumni to give $10 @ 10 a.m. or 10 p.m.! UCIAA is making a special shout out announcement to the chapter who has the most unique alumni donors during the 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. hours!

*Unique means a donor giving multiple times will only count as one donor.




Note: Donations to chapters will be designated 50% to support student scholarships and 50% to support chapter programming. If you want 100% of your donation to go to either chapter programming or student scholarships, contact Wendy Day-Brown at daybrown@uci.edu.


The UCI Alumni Association's mission is to enrich the lives of alumni and engage them in a lifelong advancement of UC Irvine. To meet the needs of an ever expanding alumni population, a national network of dedicated alumni volunteers work hard to represent the UCI Alumni in the Iranian American community. 

Top Fundraising Alumni Chapters
Thank you to our top fundraising chapters for your continued support of UCI.
Rank Department Raised
1 Korean American Alumni Chapter $10,650.00
2 Black Alumni Chapter $3,191.00
3 Latino Alumni Chapter $1,515.00
4 Orange County Alumni Chapter $930.00
5 Engineering Alumni Society $305.00
6 Anteaters in Law $300.00
7 Iranian American Alumni Chapter $260.00
8 Anteater in the Arts - West $190.00
9 Los Angeles Alumni Chapter $182.00
10 Washington D.C. Alumni Chapter $180.00
11 Law Enforcement Officer Alumni Chapter $145.00
12 Planning Alumni Chapter $125.00
13 Chicago Alumni Chapter $100.00
14 Anteaters in Philanthropy $65.00
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