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Humanities Covid-19 Student Support: Please consider a gift to support UCI Humanities students impacted by covid-19. Many of our students have lost jobs which they depend on to finish their college education and complete their research. Your gift supports these students in areas such as emergency relief funds, internships, and research funds. Your gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund will help us support our students, providing them with the necessary means to pursue their degrees to the fullest while at UCI.


UCI’s School of Humanities stands at the core of higher education. The humanities teach our students to think critically, communicate effectively, engage in conversations about ideas that matter, and find solutions to humanity’s grand challenges.


We provide students with foundational skills, both in the classroom and beyond campus, which prepare them for life after college. In our classrooms, students grow as thinkers and scholars, while learning experiences beyond the classroom take students to the next level. We offer humanities students life-changing opportunities to do internships and mentored research, to study abroad, to experience workshops and training in professionally valuable skills, and to engage in conversations with leaders, creators and scholars.


On Giving Day we seek to raise $13,000 for UCI Humanities students. With your support, we can help our students in crisis due to job losses, provide internships for undergraduates, which help launch their careers and allow graduate students to complete their research, at a time when many are under stress due to the impact of the pandemic.


Student Testimonials


“The training I received at the National Humanities Center Podcast Workshop is exceptionally valuable as a graduate student in the humanities. We learned how to use podcasting as a new method of disseminating our research to larger and broader audiences. We also learned how collaborative podcasting as an experience can be, and we built great networking connections. I fully intend to create my own podcast on environmental activism in Japan with the skills I learned while attending this workshop.” - Sara Newsome

“My experience as a Fellow with the Los Angeles Review of Books Publishing Workshop was outstanding in every sense. As someone new to the publishing industry, I gained an extraordinary, 360-degree view, learning about the past, present, and future direction of publishing in all its different facets, across multiple media formats. I was able to meet and gain insight from both pioneers and new innovators in the field and developed friendships and future partnerships with speakers, workshop organizers, and other fellow participants.” -Mary Schmitt

“With your generous donations and gifts to UCI, you help sustain my goal to help tell meaningful, impactful stories that hopefully affect change in our society. And I know that I am not the only life you have touched with your generosity. I stand as only the latest in a long line of recipients of this award, with so many others before me continuing onward to affect change in the world as UC Irvine Alumni.” -Corey Nguyen

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