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Our Giving Day campaign seeks to raise money for our incredibly talented club teams and for our Girls Summer Camp. All of our club teams travel around the country to represent UCI and we hope to offset some of the expenses and allow them to attend more events. Our Girls Summer Camp is a new initiative that to provide learning and networking opportunities for young women interested in eSports.

Information about UCI’s gaming community:

The Association of Gamers at UCI is one of the largest collegiate gaming organizations in North America dedicated to fostering a social and competitive community of gamers on campus and throughout Southern California. In addition to running tournaments and holding viewing parties for video games, we also boast some of the best video game players in the nation!

Our Super Smash Bros. Melee team won the international collegiate league, The Melee Games (TMG) in Season 4 (2016) and they are currently top in the West Region. Three of our players on our TMG team are recognized as being top 100 in the world.

Our Blizzard Division contains several game title achievements. Taking 1st place in Tespa’s The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race, is our World of Warcraft (WoW) team. Our Heroes of the Storm (HoTS) team is placed 1st in the West Region and reached the Heroic Four in Las Vegas.

Our Overwatch team won the Tespa Summer Seriesand has placed in top two in local tournaments. Hearthstone had a successful regular season and lost in the round of 32 in the Tespa Collegiate Series: Hearthstone 2017.

Our Dota 2 team entered the playoffs ranked 3rd in the West Region and lost in round of 16 of the Collegiate Star League.

Our CS:GO team is currently in the top 4 of the nation and will be heading to Toronto, Ontario in a few weeks to compete live on stage for the North American Championship! They also placed first in local school tournaments, such as BeachCon at Cal State Long Beach and Winter Game Fest at UC San Diego!

UCI eSports Girls Summer Camp

UCI eSports is proud to announce the first of a Youth Summer Camps series, theGirls' Summer Camp. Our goal is to create learning and networking opportunities that are both interesting and useful for various members of our gaming community.

The UCI eSports Girls Summer Camp is an newly-created outreach program that strives to educate young women about the world of eSports. Our goal is to develop interest for the multi-faceted eSports industry and create a welcoming community for individuals who are passionate about gaming.


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