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“The humanities can catalyze productive dialogues between different disciplines so that together we can more effectively confront today’s grand challenges.”

Tyrus Miller, dean of the UCI School of Humanities


The most difficult and urgent problems of our day will not be solved by one discipline alone. To solve these grand challenges—from climate change to artificial intelligence to immigration—requires historical and global context, cultural and linguistic understanding, and comfort with nuance and adaptability to change. UCI Humanities offers the power to bring people together, to write persuasively, and to think critically. Together, these generate the ideas that matter.


Gifts to the Dean’s Fund on Giving Day will help us lead interdisciplinary conversations that focus on deepening our understanding of humanity’s grand challenges. Our recent forum on climate change is a great example of how impactful these conversations can be. Scientists, journalists and policy experts in the field came together to discuss climate change. 600 people attended the conference; there were more than 20 Million impressions of the hashtag #UCIClimate; and 5 media outlets covered the event, including C-Span.


UCI Humanities frames new questions, expresses different cultural perspectives, brings ethics into the discussion, and harnesses the imagination – all traits needed to catalyze valuable innovations throughout society.


Make a gift today, and join the conversation. 


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School of Humanities 50 Donor Challenge
Be one of the first 50 gifts made to the School of Humanities and help us unlock a generous $20,000 gift from an anonymous donor.
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Shakespeare Center Dollar-for-Dollar Challenge
All gifts made in support of the Shakespeare Center on Giving Day will be matched dollar for dollar by the Center’s director, Prof. Julia Lupton, and Tom and Marilyn Sutton up to the first $6,000
$2,440 MATCHED
Humanities Asian American Studies Dollar for Dollar Match
All gifts made in support of Asian American Studies on Giving Day will be matched dollar for dollar by UCI alumni Eileen Chun-Fruto and James Lam, up to the first $3,300.
$3,300 MATCHED
Art History Dollar-for-Dollar Challenge
All gifts made in support of Art History on Giving Day will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous anonymous donation, up to the first $5,000.
$1,395 MATCHED
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