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School of Humanities

As the School of Humanities embarks on a journey to expand horizons and foster global citizenship among our students, we are confronted with a challenge: many students believe that studying abroad is simply not within their reach.

Many of our students have never had the experience of studying in a different culture, and some of them have never traveled outside of California, which may lead them to think that studying abroad is not an option for them.

However, we refuse to let financial limitations determine the scope of our students' aspirations. And to break this barrier, we seek to raise $25,000 to support the Global Learning program on Giving Day.

The Global Learning program provides Humanities students with life-changing opportunities through international summer research, immersive language learning, internships, and many more experiential learning experiences. Our goal is clear: to provide financial support and scholarships that will enable our students to explore the world, learn from different cultures, and become global citizens.

Please consider a gift in support of UCI Humanities students. By giving now, you can provide students with a unique educational experience, which can launch their career and help them better understand themselves and their world. Join us in our mission to create a brilliant future for our students, our community, and the world.

“I am working on my research about the Bengal famine of 1769-70, the deadliest famine in Indian history that killed around 10 million people. Due to limited funding and COVID restrictions, I was not able to visit the state archive of Bengal. But thanks to the Global Learning program, I finally visited the archive last year and this research trip will help me complete my dissertation. As an international student in the U.S., funding and work opportunities are highly limited. It becomes even more challenging to students who need access to archives in faraway places like India. Thank you very much for your generosity and compassionate care for the students at UCI.” - Monish

“I spent a month in Rome with 23 other students from different UC’s. It was particularly enriching for me because I study ancient Greek and Roman history and am working towards a major in Greek and Latin literature. This program was geared towards an active learning experience. We visited historical sites that are today’s pinnacle of Italian culture, while learning directly from professionals who had studied these sites for most of their lives. When I returned to my studies in the fall, I decided to learn Italian, which I am still practicing. I am applying to graduate schools in Italy and Scotland, focusing on Roman religion and social practices, which I never would have thought to explore before enrolling in the study abroad program.” - Arianna

“Thanks to the Global Learning program, I spent an invaluable week in Oakland, meeting with Mexican composer Guillermo Galindo and delving deeply into his archives and creative process. This fellowship was instrumental in the successful defense of my dissertation and has been a catalyst for my academic and personal growth. The support from the Global Learning Initiative is not just a financial asset; it is a cornerstone for in-depth, high-quality research. It allows students to engage with their subjects on a profoundly deeper level and provides opportunities that can be career-defining.” – Isabella

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Last But Not Least!
Congratulations to Tse-Wen Chen, a current student, whose gift to Solar Car Engineering Student Group won the Last But Not Least Challenge! With your gift Tse-Wen, $1000 in bonus funds will be awarded to Solar Car Engineering, thanks to the generous support of UCI Foundation trustees Gary and Melanie Singer!
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Power Hour? How about a power 15-minutes?! Congratulations to our UCI Parent and Family community for coming together in record time to unlock $10,000 in support for Campus Organizations and Volunteer Programs! Keep the momentum going and support some of our outstanding matches and challenges below!
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Congratulations to Darcy Wilson-Jones (LGBT Resource Center), Katy Young (School of the Arts/Dance), Charlton Lee (Social Sciences Student Awards) and Rick Emerling (UCI Retirees Association Scholarships), for winning our Early Bird Challenge! $500 in bonus funds will be added to each of these funds in your honor!
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