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UCI Langson Institute and Museum of California Art
Enriching the student experience with Langson IMCA

As both an institute AND a museum, our purpose is two-fold. First, we leverage our collection, building bridges with our peers on UC Irvine’s campus to enrich the academic experience for students and contribute to faculty research and curriculum development. Simultaneously, we preserve and curate our collection of California Art to produce thought-provoking exhibitions on diverse themes and topics, present innovative and engaging public programs, and provide museum arts education opportunities for young and underserved audiences.  

At Langson IMCA, we believe in fostering collaboration and cultivating creative energy through interdisciplinary interactions with arts and culture. Positioned uniquely at UC Irvine, a leading academic and research-focused university, we are committed to merging rich exposure to art with our natural partners in the arts and humanities and with the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to create a dynamic environment where the creative and analytical converge. 

Langson IMCA encourages inquiry-based, interdisciplinary dialogues centered on our collection of California Art. Through these experiences, we champion the principles of social-emotional learning, which support personal emotional management and self and social awareness. We also encourage the development of empathy—a crucial skillset for building, managing, and sustaining positive relationships. By integrating these principles, Langson IMCA nurtures not only a deep appreciation for art but also the emotional intelligence needed to navigate the complexities of academic, personal, and career pursuits.

Your gift—large or small—makes a significant impact. 

Your donation on Giving Day will support our existing programs for students:

  • Gallery Guides: Our dedicated student guides play a vital role in enhancing the visitor experience at our museum.
  • Student Museum Art Educators: These emerging educators contribute to our Schools Program, extending the reach of art education to elementary and middle schools and fostering creativity among students.
  • Graduate Student Researchers: Our graduate students conduct original research to enhance our collection, exhibitions, and acquisitions.

Your donation enables us to further expand our ability to make connections between our collection, UCI students, and faculty across disciplines.

At Langson IMCA, we believe engagement with art sparks curiosity and nourishes the spirit.

We thank you for sharing this belief and ensuring UCI students have ongoing access to the transformative power of the arts. Your support makes a significant impact on their educational and cultural journey.

For questions, please feel free to contact Kelsey Sippola at 
ksippola@uci.edu. Thank you!

“One of the best things about being a Gallery Guide is observing when our visitors experience the same artwork in different ways—how the same landscape painting can bring out different emotions or trigger different memories for different people— each person’s experience is drastically different and that’s really cool.

I used to dread going to museums with my family growing up – my mom always dragged us to them when we would travel—and now my idea of museums has totally changed. I think it’s important for both the public and students to have access to museums and to art.”

- Testimonial provided by Milena, current student double majoring in dance choreography and environmental science and policy, and a gallery guide at Langson IMCA

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Congratulations to Tse-Wen Chen, a current student, whose gift to Solar Car Engineering Student Group won the Last But Not Least Challenge! With your gift Tse-Wen, $1000 in bonus funds will be awarded to Solar Car Engineering, thanks to the generous support of UCI Foundation trustees Gary and Melanie Singer!
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Congratulations to Darcy Wilson-Jones (LGBT Resource Center), Katy Young (School of the Arts/Dance), Charlton Lee (Social Sciences Student Awards) and Rick Emerling (UCI Retirees Association Scholarships), for winning our Early Bird Challenge! $500 in bonus funds will be added to each of these funds in your honor!
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