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AeroZot Student Group

Who are we?

AeroZot is UCI’s first team participating in the Design-Build-Vertical Flight competition. Our team is made up of 19 dedicated engineering students, the majority of being first and second years, spanning 3 different UCI engineering departments. Our team is supported by Dr. Solmaz Kia from UCI’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Dr. Colin Sledge, a senior engineer from OverAir. 

What are we doing?

Our goal is to build an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that will compete in a fly-off and presentation with 16 other teams in Churchville, Maryland. Since this is UCI’s first year participating in this competition, we are designing and manufacturing a quadcopter as well as managing the logistics of getting an engineering project off the ground. The fly-off in Maryland will be a culmination of all our efforts to create an eVTOL aircraft that both has functionality and originality. 

Why is this important?

Learn by doing. The AeroZot team really embodies this phrase. With most of the team being 1st and 2nd years who haven’t even begun classes that cover the technical aspect of designing a quadcopter, the team has learned to successfully make electronics decisions and design a structurally sound aircraft. Every team member is acquiring invaluable skills that span effective collaboration, research, electronics, programming, 3D modeling, and manufacturing techniques. The team leads actively encourages its members to explore and engage in every aspect of the project, fostering an environment where they can be comfortable with the unfamiliar. By the end of the project, each team member will have gained experience that a classroom cannot offer. 

Why do we need your support?

While we have successfully acquired a small seed fund, it falls significantly short of what we do need to bring our vision to life. Your support is crucial to offset the costs of the manufacturing and testing of our quadcopter. Additionally, we aim to send five of our team members to Maryland to partake in the fly-off. 

We would truly appreciate your support in our project. The team truly believes in the design and is dedicated to making the eVTOL aircraft competition ready. Thank you!

Last But Not Least!
Congratulations to Tse-Wen Chen, a current student, whose gift to Solar Car Engineering Student Group won the Last But Not Least Challenge! With your gift Tse-Wen, $1000 in bonus funds will be awarded to Solar Car Engineering, thanks to the generous support of UCI Foundation trustees Gary and Melanie Singer!
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Help us unlock a generous $30,000 gift supporting the Faculty Research Labs at the Samueli School of Engineering from Anteater Engineering faculty, David Dimas, by being one of the first 50 donors to the School!
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Power Hour? How about a power 15-minutes?! Congratulations to our UCI Parent and Family community for coming together in record time to unlock $10,000 in support for Campus Organizations and Volunteer Programs! Keep the momentum going and support some of our outstanding matches and challenges below!
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1965 Challenge
Congratulations to Hilary Lapks! Your gift to Men's Volleyball just unlocked $1,965 in bonus funds for the program!
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Early Bird Challenge
Congratulations to Darcy Wilson-Jones (LGBT Resource Center), Katy Young (School of the Arts/Dance), Charlton Lee (Social Sciences Student Awards) and Rick Emerling (UCI Retirees Association Scholarships), for winning our Early Bird Challenge! $500 in bonus funds will be added to each of these funds in your honor!
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